Oliver Cookson

Oliver Cookson

Entrepreneur, Business Leader & Philanthropist

Oliver Cookson is an award-winning, self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist and founder of the sports nutrition brand Myprotein. 

Since selling his business in 2011, Cookson remains a stalwart member of the business community and is committed to sharing the benefit of his experience with young entrepreneurs. Cookson is a passionate philanthropist and founder of the Oliver Cookson foundation and  Cookson First Aid that is dedicated to providing free, life saving training to first responders. 


Growing up in Manchester, Cookson left school aged 16 with just one GCSE. Two decades later he has been named the UK’s number one self-made millionaire under 40. 

In 2004, Cookson used a £500 overdraft to bootstrap a sports nutrition idea, which would in turn create the trailblazing, pioneering, and leading brand in sports nutrition, Myprotein. 

Myprotein went on to become the number one sports nutrition brand in Europe, in just seven years, whilst maintaining 100% equity, in combined cash and shares deal with ‘The Hut Group’ which earned him a nine-digit exit.

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Removing barriers and enabling opportunities.

Oliver Cookson believes in giving back and shares his knowledge and experience to inspire others. Through his books, digital platforms and appearances Cookson attracts and motivates young, up and coming entrepreneurs, established business leaders and those looking to learn from his personal success story.

Philanthropy is close to Cookson’s heart and the Oliver Cookson Foundation was established in 2022 with a mission to make a positive difference to the lives of people in the UK by removing barriers to opportunity and teaching new skills. Cookson First Aid is the foundation’s flagship programme and is dedicated to delivering free and accessible first aid training and life saving skills to communities across Greater Manchester.

The Book

Bootstrap your life

How did a working-class 23-year-old, who left school with almost no qualifications, launch a business with just a £500 overdraft and turn it into more than £350 million? In this inspiring book, Oliver Cookson shares how he was able to build Europe’s number one online brand using nothing more than his own limited resources and the right mindset, all before he turned 30.


In 2023, Cookson established Verve , a nutrition brand renowned for its all-encompassing multi-nutrient powder designed to fulfil an individual’s daily nutritional requirements in a single-serving. Verve V80 provides 210 health and wellness benefits through a science-backed formula carefully formulated alongside top nutritionists.

As a business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Oliver acknowledges the common struggle of prioritising health amidst the demands of work, social engagements, and family responsibilities. 


Drawing from his personal experience and understanding of the benefits of various nutrients, Oliver crafted his own custom blend of vitamins and minerals to address his specific health goals. Satisfied with the results, he realized that others faced similar challenges of managing a multitude of supplements and lacked the time or expertise to create their own comprehensive formulas.


Thus, the idea for Verve was born. Understanding that busy individuals often struggle to incorporate ample fruits and vegetables into their diets or prepare complex blends daily, Oliver envisioned Verve as a practical, cost-effective, and delicious solution. By offering a convenient all-in-one supplement, Verve aims to simplify the journey towards better health for individuals who prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality

The podcast

Bootstrap your life

Cookson flips the traditional long-form podcast in this series of around fifteen-minute episodes, covering the tools and habits you need to build a successful business.

Touching on entrepreneurship, self-esteem, business acumen, mindset, and investment, this podcast is a must for anyone wanting to lead from the front.

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