Oliver Cookson

Bootstrap your life


An inspiring, rags-to-riches guide to achieving success in life and business by the founder of Myprotein.

How did a working-class 23-year-old, who left school with almost no qualifications, launch a business with just a £500 overdraft and turn it into more than £350 million? In this inspiring book, Oliver Cookson shares how he was able to build Europe’s number one online brand using nothing more than his own limited resources and the right mindset, all before he turned 30. Self-sufficient and self-taught, Oliver always had an eye for opportunities and pursued them obsessively.
His breakthrough came when he combined his passion for health and fitness with his skills as a web developer. By embracing a disruptive, agile approach to business, offering unparalleled choice, and identifying trends ahead of the competition, Oliver was able to grow Myprotein rapidly into a top international, award-winning brand.
In Bootstrap Your Life, Oliver doesn’t just share his journey but uses simple language to break down every aspect of his thinking providing a thorough step-by-step guide on how to think like an entrepreneur. His approach to marketing, innovation, strategy leadership, and other key elements are explained in great detail using memorable analogies that anyone can relate to.
Oliver explains how bootstrapping his life catapulted him from an ordinary life in the suburbs of Greater Manchester to being included in the Sunday Times Rich List with a personal net worth of over a third of a billion pounds. His message is clear: bootstrap your life!

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